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Salary Packaging Management

Oncore offers a no-risk structure for your contract engagements, so you benefit from flexible invoicing and payroll solutions to manage your contractor revenue, with the assurance of expert support and full compliance.

Oncore’s salary packaging solutions provide safe, convenient employment structures to optimise the contractor advantage, guaranteeing fully compliant, no-risk solutions as well as outstanding personal service.

We understand the flexible solutions contractors need, and we have the technology, industry knowledge and experience to take away all the hassles of administration, taxes, compliance and liabilities so you can focus on earning to your full potential.

Services for Contractors

Salary Packaging for Contractors

Salary Packaging Benefits include:

  • Cost savings and compliance for all parties
  • Security of no-risk engagement structures
  • Flexible solutions for contractors and agencies
  • Individually tailored packages
  • Compliant expense claim management
  • Online portal for contract revenue and payroll data
  • Reduced administration and paperwork
  • Insurances of $20M PI and PL and liabilities covered

Contractor Checklist

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