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Expense Processing

Oncore has developed a powerful expense management system that is simple to use and provides detailed reporting of contractors’ expenses.

By streamlining the expense management process for contractors, our system gives you the power to make a real difference in your profitability. As well as lowering costs and improving compliance, Oncore helps to eliminate fraud and gives real-time visibility into the activity of your contractors.

Expenses are collected against specific contracts and companies and they are also separated into client-paid expenses and packaged expenses, with relevant expenses being sent to approvers for sign-off. This eliminates the administration headaches of scanning, collating and copying expense items manually.

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Oncore Expense Processing

The Expense Process Flow

The expense processing system flow is designed to minimise administration costs and improve communication between contractors and approvers via several simple steps. 

Contractor - scans receipts and uploads for approval against relevant contract.

Approver - designated approver is notified of expenses needing approving and receives online report showing all expenses against contract and contractor.

Client - receives online capture and approval, with centralised reporting of expenses.
Oncore Expense Processing

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