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Is gender inequality holding back the IT industry?

Jessica Jasch | Dec 16, 2015

According to a new global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Australian companies are struggling to keep up with digitalisation. As new technologies become core to operations, recruiters need to help provide companies with adequate digital leaders to help the IT sector make a comeback. 

With the lack of gender diversity in this sector, expanding the number of female leaders could help companies keep up with the global pace on digital processes. This involves focusing on candidates rather than administrative tasks, such as payroll services, in order to help your business grow.

Australia underperforming in digital disruption

A recent report from PwC outlines Australia's results from the global survey, entitled Lessons from Digital Leaders. It reveals that Australian companies are failing to keep up with international trends of digital disruption.

PwC Partner and Digital Services Leader John Riccio attributes this to a lack of conviction in our digital abilities.

"Australian businesses achieved an overall 'Digital IQ' score of 75 points, over 2 per cent below the global average of 77.2, and well below the score of 81 for the survey's forerunners, suggesting that we lack the confidence to embrace digital innovation," Mr Riccio said.

PwC's Digital IQ results are measured around the responses of 2,000 business and technology executives across the globe on questions regarding 10 digital attributes that correlate to stronger financial performance. The survey measured responses from 2,000 businesses globally on digital characteristics that drive business performance. 

Successfully implementing new technologies involves having the right staff and could hint a boost to the IT recruitment sector.

"Businesses need to be integrating digital into all they do and continually disrupting themselves to create value and grow," added Mr Riccio.

"We predict that as Australian businesses begin to adopt more of these Digital IQ attributes, they can expect to see stronger financial returns on their digital investments."

It's important for Australian companies to ensure these qualities are embedded in their business strategies. This will require a diverse leadership with a strong background in the IT sector. 

IT sector lacking women leaders

Navigating a business landscape that is increasingly disruptive involves a skilled workforce. As digital processes become more essential, demand for IT recruitment will only increase. 

According to research by McKinsey & Company, there have been reducing numbers of women in technology and engineering training over the last 30 years. This has resulted in women being underrepresented in management roles in the IT industry. Moreover, this has led to a disproportionate wage gap, globally and within Australia. 

For recruiters, it is important to keep up with industry trends to provide the right candidates for a role. At Oncore, we understand that administrative tasks can get in the way growing your business and aim to help alleviate these obligations so you are able to focus on these trends.

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