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Public sector needs skilled IT workforce

Jessica Jasch | Jan 20, 2016

What skills are needed in the public sector?

According to research from Deloitte, the government is struggling to implement digital transformation. In order to do this successfully, a digitally skilled workforce is required. For recruitment agencies, keeping on top of these trends is essential to business growth. 

However, this can be difficult to do while balancing administrative obligations. Ensuring these tasks are organised and taken care of can help recruiters focus on industry trends, rather than invoices. 

Public sector struggling with digitalisation

The Australian public sector is struggling to respond to growing digital trends, says a recent Deloitte survey. According to the report, The Journey to Government's Digital Transformation, only 27 per cent of respondents are confident that their governmental organisations are well-equipped to deal with digital trends.

A vast majority (80 per cent) believe that digital technologies and capabilities enable their employees to better serve customers and citizens. Despite this, less than half (43 per cent) think their leadership understands digital trends and technologies.

"There is also a very compelling argument for more to be done in terms of driving the development and uptake of digital, both in terms of improved access to services and the provision of services at lower cost," says Deloitte Australia National Public Sector and Healthcare Leader Fran Thorn.

"The report finds that public sector organisations at the forefront of using digital technologies tend to share a number of common characteristics, including a clear digital strategy, digitally savvy leadership, a workforce with the skills to realise their digital strategy, user-focused design, and a culture conducive to digital transformation."

This may require a skilled workforce that the public sector is not currently equipped with. Research from the annual State of the Service report by the Productivity Commission also suggests that many organisations are not capable of dealing with the challenges posed by technology.

New survey reports similar findings

The Australian Public Service Commission has released an article, penned by Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shetler that explores the significance of digital transformation in the public sector.

Mr Shelter underscored data from the 2015 APS agency survey which indicated that organisations are under-equipped to deal with growing digitalisation. The survey found that 35 per cent of respondents had not received adequate training to enhance their digital knowledge. 

This lack of digital skills indicates that government organisations may require more IT staff. It is important for recruitment agencies to recognise this in order to have the right candidates ready for certain roles. Moreover, the survey reported an overwhelming majority (83 per cent) believe that digital technologies improve access to information, indicating that digitalisation is proving beneficial to the public sector.

Recruitment agencies can benefit from understanding these trends. However, administrative tasks can often get in the way of appropriately analysing these trends as time is spent addressing financial obligations.

At Oncore, we understand that recruiters would rather spend time focusing on the growth of their business. That is why we aim to help facilitate this through quality payroll services and employment management. For more information, contact the team with any queries. 

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