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An introduction to the Oncore Margin Calculator

The margin calculator is an excel spreadsheet that carries the primary purpose of obtaining the initial details required for the configuration of a new contractor placement in our system

The spreadsheet acts as both a form to help facilitate a new contract setup as well as a tool to help you better understand the breakdown of rates and margins as well as the overall profitability of the respective placement.

The following cell types are found in the worksheet

  • White cells mandatory fields which are required to be completed prior to submitting the worksheet.
  • Grey cells are locked fields which require no completion. They provide information based on the data entered in the white cells.
  • Blue cells represent non-mandatory dropdown boxes. These can be used to manipulate the information that displays in the grey cells.
  • Look out for any cells with the red comment indicator. The comment will contain helpful information with regards to the respective cell.

The form aspect of the worksheet consists of 3 sections. The mandatory white cells are located in these 3 sections. Provided the information required is available, completion of the form will only take a few minutes. A status bar at the top of the form will update as you complete the mandatory fields. We request that you only send through the worksheet upon the status bar confirming its completion.

The below sections are also available. Please note that these sections require no mandatory entry or review. Whilst some sections allow user interaction (via the blue cells), any interaction is entirely at your discretion.

Breakdown of Contract Value

How much is this contract worth to my business?

For the period selected, provides an estimate of the total earnings (sales) expected based on the data entered. Allocates the total earnings to the respective parties (Contractor, Agency and Oncore) and then subtracts payroll tax from the agency share to determine total net revenue (margin).

Margin Calc

What does my billing rate need to be to ensure a gross margin of 15%?

What contractor rate would deliver a net margin of 10%? This section will assist with maintaining consistent margins across your contractor placements. Provided you have fl exibility over the respective billing or contractor rates, you can use this tool to quickly determine what breakdown will deliver the margin you are after.

Contractor Take Home

PAYG contractor – This section will deduct super from the contractor rate showing their before tax take home rate Ltd Company - This section will deduct any insurance fee from the contractor rate where applicable. The remaining rate represents their billing rate net of GST.

Summary of Fees

This section summarises the Oncore fee and respective payroll tax that is being applied to the arrangement.

An overview and example of the Margin Calculator on the next page.

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