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An introduction to Oncore’s online client portal

As we facilitate the day to day delivery of your contractor book, we understand that transparency is important. To ensure you retain control over this process, we want you to have access to the complete range of reporting captured by our administration of your contractor payroll.

From timesheet submission through to invoice receipting and the pay-down of your margin, this information is now available to you via our online portal, accessed through your web browser, 24/7. 

Summary of reporting on client portal

You now have access to a range of reports, including overdue timesheets, unapproved timesheets, approved timesheets, margin report, drawdown report and an invoice data extract. Following is a summary of the different reports, the information they contain and what this information means to you.

We will continue to provide you with your weekly margin and drawdown statements. Complementing our online reports, these statements substantiate the weekly invoicing of our service fee and the weekly payment (drawdown) of your margin where relevant.

Notification emails

To help facilitate the timesheet and approval process the following notifications are issued:

  1. Timesheet Overdue – Contractor notified upon due date passing. A daily notification is issued thereafter until submission.
  2. Timesheet Submitted – Timesheet approver notified of submission and that the timesheet awaits their approval.
  3. Timesheet Approved – Contractor notified of approval.
  4. Timesheet Rejected – Contractor notified of rejection and reason for rejection.
  5. Timesheet Approval Overdue – Timesheet Approver notified upon due date passing. A daily notification is issued thereafter until the timesheet is processed i.e. approved/rejected.

The below outlines a timeline of the reporting currently available to you. Please refer to the 'Reports Available' tab for examples and further explanations.

Australia: 1300 654 484   UK: 0870 900 2901