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Contract Register

The register provides an overview of your contractor book. Filters are available that make it easy to satisfy the example requests below:

  • Show me all contracts that are currently active
  • Show me contracts due to expire within 14 days
  • Show me all the contract placements made for January
  • Show me all the contract placements expiring in February

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Submitted Timesheets Report

The Submitted Timesheets Report provides a high level summary of timesheets submitted for a chosen period. You can also execute specific queries that allow you to track submitted timesheets through the approval and invoicing process.

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Overdue Timesheets Report

The Overdue Timesheets Report shows timesheets which have not been submitted by a contractor by the due date (generally one day after period end). The report gives a breakdown by billing company, as well as the ability to show timesheets rejected by the approver.

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Unapproved Timesheets Report

The Unapproved Timesheets Report shows all outstanding timesheets that have been submitted by a contractor but are currently waiting for approval from the designated client approver.

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Approved Timesheets Report

The Approved Timesheets Report is exported to excel and provides a detailed breakdown of the timesheets approved for the selected period. The report shows each line item and the specific rate applied as well as your associated margin.

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Agency Margin Report

The Agency Margin Report shows the invoices that we have raised on your behalf, and issued to your client. Each invoice is broken down into its 3 components; the contractor distribution, our service fee and your margin.

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Aged Debt Report

The Aged Debt report provides an overview of all your outstanding invoices. The outstanding amount is broken up into respective 'days overdue' brackets providing a clear snapshot of your overall debtor position.

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Agency Drawdown Report

The Agency Drawdown Report outlines the invoices paid during the respective period. It separates the components of each and provides a summary of the margin payable to you. This margin is paid through to your nominated account in our weekly drawdown process.

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