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Risk Mitigation

Oncore helps mitigate risks to your agency with comprehensive and compliant processes, backed by our extensive knowledge of the contractor market.

Financial and legislative risks can be a significant barrier to building your business.

We want to help you achieve scalable growth by minimising risks in all areas of your business, including Employment, Insurances, Taxation and H&S.

Oncore has been working in the contractor market for over 15 years and has an intimate knowledge of all related legislative and compliance matters. We also know legislation can change regularly, making it critical to stay ahead of these issues in order to succeed.

Services for Recruiters

Risk Mitigation for Recruiters

Risk Needs Assessment

To ensure we develop a solution that best suits your agency, we will first assess your needs, based on the size of your contractor book and the type of contractors you engage. Matters such as H&S and taxation are also critical to review, with substantial potential risk for recruiters.

Oncore’s fully compliant solutions will ensure these matters, among others, are managed proactively. Most commonly, we take on the full employment risk associated with engaging contractors and when combined with Oncore managing your payroll and insurances, we can offer a significantly reduced employment risk for your agency.

We will mitigate your corporate risk:

  • by outsourcing the employment of PAYE contractors, Oncore mitigates the risks often associated with direct employment of contractors;
  • by providing compliant PL / PI insurance coverage and Employers' Liability for each individual contractor;
  • against sole traders PAYE tax obligation non-payments;
  • by providing a cross-check of agency invoices against approved timesheets.

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